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How many times do we ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing when making so many decisions every day?   How many of them are the right decisions? How many of them are really tough decisions?

When we are faced with these questions, some of us react immediately, some of us take a little time and some of us procrastinate.  Effective leaders will do a bit of each depending on the challenge faced and the sense of urgency.

Reviewing all the facts without emotions being involved is my personal challenge.  Instincts and gut feelings kick in and then it’s convincing the emotional side this is the right decision.

The easy way is going with the flow and saving the energy required to make the right decision.  We want to make everyone happy, we do not want to create more challenges and we want to be liked. It is very difficult doing the right thing.

Sticking to core values of honesty, integrity and taking the “high road” in certain situations have been principles guiding my challenging decisions.  Yes sometimes they are incorrect decisions and you must react quickly to correct them.  Is anyone Perfect out there?

Embracing all the things we have to face in a day.  Doing the right thing and making the tough decisions enables you to grow and become a better and a stronger leader.

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