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We are always thankful for those who support us, help us become better and to grow, both personally, professionally and as a company.   There were many partner meetings where we would always say “Don’t Forget Where We Came From” and we would remember everyone along our journey.

We are very thankful for our many clients, the ones who joined us today and all the way back to the ones supporting us for over 26 years – that’s even before AlphaKOR was born!   Same with our employees who range from a couple of weeks on-board to over twenty years.

It’s important to take time every now and then to remember your roots.   Who helped you get started?   Who was the first one to believe in you and support you?   Every day it crosses my mind and I’m blessed to have had so many people along this wonderful journey  so far.  Each day it just keeps on getting better!

With my mentor hat on, I enjoy coaching entrepreneurs when they are first starting out.  I like to inform them to remember the “little” people who helped them along the way as they become very successful.  They always laugh and say they are never going to be that successful.  I ask them to write it down and to follow up when they do.   Happy to report several have followed up over the years to say thank you for the help and encouragement along the way.

As our growth continues, we meet many people along the way.   Remember them and remember what role and what impact  they had on you, your team and your company.  Thank them.   It’s that simple.

It was a wonderful and story-telling kind of visit with my parents on the weekend.   The thrilling part for me was both my daughters heard some new and not so new stories from my parents.   My dad went into details about the war which is something he rarely does.   It’s amazing what they had to do to continue their journey.   I am very thankful for the way things turned out to shape my parents and in turn to shape me into building my roots.

Family is important in my life and very grateful to Carmela.  She has been there for me along with our daughters.   They have taught me what being a family is all about and to put into perspective work, family and leisure time for a better balance and to help me grow.

Thanks to Cessidia De Biasio for inspiring this week’s topic.   Check our Our Journey to Canada on The Addolorata De Luca Leadership Scholarship:  www.goo.gl/BE7beB

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