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What do you find in your everyday interactions you would like to change?  What are you passionate enough about to make a difference?

Channel your emotions into positive energy and change it.   Yes, go ahead and change it.   You know you want to.   What you may not know is you do have the power within you.

Be specific and set a goal.   Reach out to people who care as much as you do and ask them to help support your cause.  Be open with your emotions to clearly show how passionate you are and how much you care to make a change.

As we know, there are three kinds of people:   those who will not change, those who are always changing and the ones who will change with some nudging by a leader.   Focus on this last group.   Be the leader.  Be positive.  Be the game changer and watch this group follow you.

One of the things I am passionate about to change is the old adage “we have always done it this way”.   Whether personal or professionally, when this answer arises, I like to challenge the theory.   Sometimes doing things the same proven way is the right answer.   Many times, we need to revisit our ways, challenge ourselves and see if there in fact is a better way.  Lead by example and change it when you feel it is worth it.

What are you changing that is worth it?

This week’s topic was inspired by Gaping Art featuring Seth Godin’ advice on Find Something Worth Changing.


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