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At this time of year, when we reflect and give thanks to those who make a difference in our life, it is a good time to reflect on what makes your business work.  Saying thank you to your team, clients, suppliers, associates, family and friends who support you is good to do.  When you look within your company, look deeper into your roots and foundation.   Where did you come from?   How did you get here?   We often forget, it’s the basics that we do and take for granted that make all the difference.

We have to grow, evolve and change our ways but what I am talking about is those little things that seem simple and common sense, yet we somehow lose them as we get caught up with the rush of what’s on our plate especially when it’s full!

Here are some examples of those basic things we do that can make a huge difference.  Opening the door for a client and welcoming them to your place of business, even when you are rushing out to a meeting.   Taking the time to ask how your team is taking care of them.  Congratulating them on milestones such as business anniversaries and any recognition or awards they have won.

I like to follow-up, ask questions and see what else we can do to make their experience with us even better.   We subscribe to a model we built called the Total Customer Experience.  This model is simply focused on the basics:   the customer.  Period.

The other aspect of focusing on the basics is how do you keep the customer as a customer?  We spend time pursuing new clients, which needs to happen to keep the business moving forward.   However, investing in your customers first is the top priority.  When they provide candid feedback or call with demands, what they are really saying is please help.    Think about that.   The key to focusing on the basics is that easy:   just take care of your customers.

Sounds difficult?  It can be.  You need to help your team move past just thinking about themselves.   I know, it’s tough to admit but we are human and we feel like we are taking care of things but in reality sometimes we are not seeing past ourselves.   Remember, it is always about you and never about me.   Write that down on your whiteboard and have a good discussion about it.

Back to the basics.   Try it.  See for yourself the difference it makes.

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