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Leaders set priorities on both the important and the difficult stuff instead of avoiding it or making excuses not to deal with it.  Setting priorities is a constant to ensure what is important gets done.

What is important stuff?

Some will say everything is important while others will say nothing is that important.   My answer:  on the personal side, health and loved ones and on the professional side it’s the AlphaKORians and the clients.  Today your mental health and being aware of others’ mental health is part of the important stuff to help each other.

Who decides what is important?

There are many who influence you to push their agenda forward as a top priority.  These can be from within your team and outside your team.  The leader needs to focus and have a discipline to steer the team to prioritize the important items in a unbiased and timely manner.

Reacting and over-reacting is a common strategy; however, it usually is not the best one in the long run.   Likewise, waiting until you feel you have all the information to determine how important it is does not work either.

How do you move important tasks forward?

Lead by example.  Communicate to your team what is important and what is required by reviewing the vision and goals.  Be firm to ensure the team remains focused.

Remember it’s all important stuff and it’s up to the leader to prioritize, focus and stay on track.

Today’s Important Stuff

Keeping everyone health and safe is one of the most important things we are all dealing with today.  Implementing measures, procedures and communicating them is critical to ensure all of us do our part.  It can be inconvenient to follow all the rules and all of us need to do our part.

How are you determining what is important on your Team?

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