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From time to time, it is a good idea to stop and take a look at how much or how little is on your plate.  Ask yourself:  “How full is your plate?”   You may not like my answer:   “Get a bigger plate!”  Just kidding!   I’d like you to take a moment and reflect what is on your plate, what should be on your plate and  what should not be on your plate.   Now, what are you going to do to keep the latter list off your plate?

My plate always seems to be too full and it is my own fault.  I wish I could blame someone or something.  After reflecting on my own plate, I have accepted it as my own responsibility to do something about it or cave in and just get a bigger plate!

So how do you determine what should and what should not be on your plate?   This is up to you to determine your priorities, what your passion is, what your responsibilities are and what you stand for.  Removing things and not doing them does not mean you don’t care.   That was tough for me to understand and learn this.

My plate has a good balance for my health, me time, my family, unplugged time (most challenging!), president hat, owner hat, creating opportunities, connecting people, building relationships, community support, volunteer hat and some room for additional tasks while ensuring there is some relaxing and leisure time in there.

When I sit and take an inventory of what is currently on my plate, some things need to go. Some of these are obvious, while others are not.    Letting go of these things, I admit, is difficult.   A couple of items are still on the plate that should have been scratched off a long time ago.   Scraping them off the plate and need the discipline to keep them off.   Finding the right balance is the key.

How full is your plate or are you just getting a bigger plate to take on more?

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