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Do you and your team have a sense of urgency?  Or do you and your team move along at a slow, complacent pace?

Successful teams are associated with members who possess a sense of urgency, not panic, in how they perform all their responsibilities.  A sense of urgency can be seen as setting proper priorities especially when interfacing with customers.

Imagine being complacent when a customer contacts you for an inquiry or a support issue. What message are you really sending out?

Now imagine the same customer reaching out to a team member who does their best to make the request urgent, ensuring the customer is a priority.   They let the customer know they will be taken care of and are a priority.  Can you see the difference?

It is a tall order when all requests are all priorities all the time.  The key is to focus on the current request, provide the attention it needs at the moment and move on to the next request.

At what pace does your team move?

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