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Have you sat down yet, thought about setting your goals for 2017 and beyond?  How many New Years’ Resolutions have you made and how many have you already broken?

If you have not written down your goals, make this one of your goals!  Sit down today, think about what you want to accomplish, write them down and make it a goal to visit these goals regularly.   You should update your goals and remove some that no longer apply.   For the ones accomplished, go ahead and put a check-mark or star beside them.

Why set your goals?   Define what you want to do, where you want to go and who you are.  Write them down.   Make time to think about them and what accomplishing them looks like.   And don’t forget to smile.   Don’t talk yourself out of accomplishing them or saying you cannot.   Make it a goal to be open-minded and positive.

We have all heard about setting “SMART” goals (you can Google this one if you need a refresher).   My take on goal setting is to make them realistic, set the bar high enough to make them challenging yet not impossible to accomplish.   You can set few goals for both professionally and personally.

Here are some of my goals I’d like to share.   Some are new and some are ongoing.

Be present and in the moment.   Slowing down the thinking process and reduce the multi-tasking to better focus.   There are always distractions and a lot of other things to do that are pressing so the challenge is to not think about these and deal with them one at a time based on your priority you set.

Truly let go.   Revisit the “Do Not Do” list and stick to it.   It’s been a work in process to let go, delegate and move on to the next task.   Truly letting go is not to slip back to the “I have to take care of it” thinking.   I wrote down “delegate means to just let it go”.

Exceed all business goals again this year.   We review our metrics, set new ones and keep raising the bar.  Together with my Partners, we have written down our business goals and we work together to accomplish them with our extraordinary and dedicated Team.

Balance family, business, volunteering and leisure time.   Not always a check-mark on this one.   Learning to say no is part of this goal to make more time for family and leisure.   I spent some time evaluating this and working on the balance.   Making time for vacation and actually “unplugging” is part of this years’ goal.

Make a difference.  This is the tough one where you look within yourself.   Think about your role, what you contribute, what everyone thinks about you and what you are actually doing that makes a difference.   We all make a difference.   The challenge is what difference do you want to make?   Write it down.


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