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As we roll into the holiday season take some time to reflect on your accomplishments and look at your goals for the new year.  My New Years resolution each year is to not make any!   I simply reflect on another great year and look forward to being part of another one in 2019!

It is easy to look at all the tough and challenging things in your life.   This is normal stuff.  Just don’t get down and don’t get stuck there.   Look at all the positive and wonderful things that happened.   I know you pessimists disagree with us optimists and hey, that is OK.

Professionally, each year keeps on getting better as our company, team and outreach continuously grow.  I recalled a conversation the partners had almost eleven years ago when our tea was twelve strong, we decided to move and grow our team to 15 and that would be the right size.   So glad we were way off the mark as we reach yet another milestone in February when AlphaKOR celebrates 24 years!

It is exciting for the partners to watch our managers and team succeed.  Thanks to my partners and their spouses for all their support.  I have mentioned before, the speed of business moves fast and technology moves even faster!  I am so proud of the AlphaKORians and making my journey and role so rewarding.  I get to do what I love best!   Share our story, mentor passionate entrepreneurs and help organizations grow and make a difference in our community and abroad.

Personally, Carmela has been here supporting me all the time and this year we celebrated 25 years in June!  (shhh she’s actually been here for me over 30 years).  Our daughters have turned into young adults as Haley builds her career in HR when she graduates in April and Syd pursues her education to become a nurse with only three-and-a-half years to go!   We are such proud parents and the holidays are more enjoyable as we get to spend a lot more time with our daughters.

My biggest challenge to enjoy the holidays is actually “unplugging” from work.  The cell phone makes it easy to be plugged in all the time.  As clients and prospects need help after-hours and during the holidays, my phone rings and buzzes with texts and e-mails to engage our after-hours team to take care of them.  My goal for 2019 is to have more “unplugged” time.  Anyone want to hang on to my phone when I unplug?

We are hosting Christmas Eve at our place and will enjoy time with the parents, siblings and their significant others and the nieces and nephews.  Yes, it will be a big meal and the good news it’s just one meal!  Christmas Day is repeat at my in-laws and another big meal, good times with the family and Boxing Day is a family veg movies/Friends/How I Met Your Mother kinda day with our daughters.

Wishing you, yours and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

How do you enjoy your holidays?


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