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Recently we had a client discussion and one of the changes involved key team members on both sides to let go.  Sounds simple?  It is tough to actually let go.  Let’s take a look at this topic and look forward to hearing from you with your ideas that have worked when letting go.

How do we actually let go?

I heard the same thing from our client as many of us have said before:   “I would let go if I knew it would be taken care of.”  Trusting others will handle it is part of actually letting go.   OK so most of us feel no one else can do take care of it like we can.   That may be true.  You have to accept others can in fact take care of things.   Let it go!

Are we ever ready to just let go?

Letting go requires accountability as responsibilities shift from you to others on the Team.  It can be an adjustment for everyone within your organization and with the client alike to make this a reality.  We tend to revert back to our “old” ways and justify it.   The clear and tough answer is to avoid falling back into this trap.   Let it go!

For me, as I still keep working on this letting go concept.  I feel I’m making progress at times while at other times I hang on and fight the letting go part.  If I could just let go of my micro-management and control freak traits that make up my character this just may be a little easier.  This is a long-term personal growth for most of us to actually learn to let go, accept it and keep moving in the right direction.

Still embracing this thing called Letting Go, with accountability of course.

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