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This topic keeps coming up and thanks to those who asked to blog again about prioritizing.  Do you prioritize based on certain criteria?  The worth of the task?  FIFO or LIFO? (just ask if you do not know what these are).  What you like or dislike the most/least?

With the volumes of information hitting us daily, prioritizing has become extremely important to successfully move forward.  Part of the ongoing process needs to include knowing when to say no, as much as it goes against our grain.   There are times when no is the right answer.

Today it’s about making a top 3 priority list with the biggest and most challenging one at the top (Eat That Frog).   Once that is out of the way, #2 and #3 seem a lot easier.   Set a daily routine and stick to it.  For me, the ideal routine is the early-bird routine of getting out of bed at 5 am, reviewing what’s on the plate for the day, prioritizing the top 3 things, preparing for the day and then heading to the gym for 6:30 workout have made this a habit.

At the office for 8:15 am with the priority list completed, the day organized and scheduled, while leaving room for adjustments for new information/tasks received.

Interruptions, new incoming information and change of time-frames/deadlines are all reasons to build a flexible schedule, yet sticking to your top 3 priorities to complete them before moving onto anything else, within reason.   Yes “emergencies” and other pressing matters will take precedent, however, it is important not to allow everything to become an emergency.

How do you deal with the new tasks and re-prioritizing your day?  Please do not share you follow LIFO!

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