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Sharing Your Real-World Experience

One of the thought leadership trends for 2019 is audiences are hungry for insightful actual case studies and sharing of actual stories.   Theoretical and projections are not going to cut it!

What Stories Do You Tell?

With all our interactions, clients, prospects, associates and audiences we present to are always seeing the real stories.   You can tell the genuine stories from the fabricated ones.   The genuine ones bring passion, show real pain and problems solved.

Sharing Case Studies

Do you have any customer case studies to share?   It is always best to have written permission from your client.   If this is not possible as many clients prefer to be anonymous, you can present a case study for their type and size of company in a specific industry.   Leave details out that could lead to someone guessing the name of the company.

You can also share white papers on the subject matter.   If you do not have your own white papers, reach out to the manufacturers and distributors you have relationships.  Ask them if they have any white papers you can use.

Why Do They Like Real Stories?

Business moves quickly.  Decisions to invest in your solutions, products and services need to be the right decisions.   Sharing real data and real stories brings the facts and the connection to the relationship building the trust.

When you open up with your information, both business data and personal experience, it creates and will continue your long-term relationship with your clients.  Be open, genuine and go ahead be vulnerable.   See the results for yourself.

My Favourite Story

When connecting with people, I always enjoy sharing the AlphakOR story talking about the great things the AlphaKORians do and of course sharing my own story.   My favourite one to share is the work ethics instilled in me:  When I was five years old, my dad gave me and my brother shovels and told us we need to dig nine-hundred holes to plant the peach trees…..and I have not stopped working since!

Be a bit vulnerable, open up and bring your real self along with the necessary data to give your prospects, clients and audience the confidence they are making the right choice with you.

What are you sharing that is real?

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