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Don’t let others take away your dream.   Make your dream a big one, attainable and positive.   Pursue it and make it your first priority.  Bring your passion to fulfil your dream and make an impact.

Tell everyone about what you are setting out to do.  Be happy and proud of your dream.  When you first wake up in the morning, think about what you are going to do to accomplish it.  Then set out and do it.

Refuse to give up on your dream.  Channel your energy into pursuing it.  Remember there are a lot of naysayers.  Be open-minded, listen to them and keep moving forward without them knocking you down.  You will quickly learn to avoid them!

Write down your dream.  Did you smile?  Did you feel great after reading it?  If not, then it needs some polishing.   This is a good exercise to achieve your dream.  When you smile and you get that positive energy after reading your dream, you will know it is the right one.   Close your eyes.   Picture it.   Now, pursue it.

Why is it important to have a dream?   You are set out to do something along your journey and it’s up to you to figure it out.   There are a lot of people to help you and support you along the way.   Look for them and welcome their assistance.   Make your dream the game-changer.



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