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Leaders make everyone else a priority and focus on all the tasks at hand.  With this philosophy, we sometimes forget to make time for just our self.

When we are passionate about the things we do and the people around us, it is easy for us to consume most of our time.   Thanks to certain special people we interact with, they show us what we cannot see.  They bring balance into our lives.  They help us understand the importance and benefits of making time for our self – and it is never too late to start.

The answer is to figure out a better balance and the sooner the better .   I’m am working on a better balance to ensure one of the top priorities includes making time for myself.  One of the goals is to get back to the gym 4 times a week.  Another goal is to go “unplugged” on the weekends – this will be a tough one!

It is OK to take a break from it all and to let go for a while.  Just remember to be grateful for those around you who support you.   They will give you the space you need as long as you find that right balance.

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