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People like us tend to make everyone else a priority and focus on all the tasks at hand. With this philosophy, we sometimes forget to make time for just yourself.

When you are passionate about the things you do and the people around you, it is easy for you to consume most of your time. Thanks to certain special people you interact with, they show you what you cannot see and bring balance into your life. They help you understand the importance and benefits of making time for yourself – and it is never too late to start.

When is a good time to make time for yourself? The answer is to figure out a better balance and the sooner the better. Lately, I’ve been focused on work as much as possible, enjoying the volunteer hat and spending wonderful family time watching the sports my daughters are involved in. Somewhere along the line I seemed to have forgotten to make any time for myself.

Now I’m working on a better balance to ensure one of the top priorities includes making time for myself.   One of the goals is to be at the gym 4 times a week. Another goal is to go “unplugged” on Sundays – this will be a tough one!

On a recent weekend, I found some alone time and actually did not make any plans. It felt good to be all relaxed and refreshed. Yes it is true all the tasks and stuff will always be there. It is up to you to choose if it takes up all your time or if you balance it to include time for yourself.



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