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It is always fun and a great opportunity when you are asked to share your story.   You decide what your story is and what you share with the audience.

Sharing your story is every time you interact and connect with people.  Most of the time your story is short, focused on today and the future.  This is how we communicate who we are, what we stand for and how we can help or how the other person can help us.

Sometimes you are asked to tell a longer story when invited to be a guest speaker.   This is the fun part of sharing your story.  Deciding what to talk about your past experiences, both positive and negative, really help the audience get to know you.  

When asked to share my story, I like to touch on three pillars which has been well-received.

The first pillar focuses on my background and personal experiences.   Always first on the list is married to Carmela for over 25 years and two terrific daughters Haley and Syd.   Details of growing up on a farm in Leamington and how my career began when I was six years old selling produce!

The next area focuses on AlphaKOR and the professional career of 30 years.  Details of how the company has grown, the accolades and the core competencies are shared.   Talking about technology such as data security, hybrid cloud solutions and the latest IT trends are touched upon.

The third pillar focuses on the specific topic as it applies to the audience.   Networking has been the focus most of the time.  Sharing how we connect with others, where to network and telling the story of the WindsorEssex Circle networking group.

Of course, the networking story is not complete without talking about Social Media.  LinkedIn, my favourite, and other tools are shown how they can be used for successful networking.  I like going “live” for this part by going online and demonstrating the tools to share some tips.

My preference to story-telling is interactive instead of a long slide deck.   Askingmany questions to get the audience engaged.   You know you are successful when there are questions and discussions from the attendees during your presentation.

Are you sharing your story?

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