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Are you finding there are so many things to do in a day and you just cannot seem to keep up?  The answer is to slow down so you can go faster.  Seriously that is the answer.

I know what you are thinking:   “the answer is to go faster and multi-task”.   You will find out in the long run you are completely wrong.  We are not “designed” to multi-task.   Here is an example:   have you ever been in a meeting where someone is on their phone texting/e-mailing and says several times “sorry, what was that?”.  What happens next…you repeat what was just said.   (time wasted by repeating in case you did not catch it).

What does slow down to go faster actually mean?   If you slow down, pay attention to details and be more thorough, you will find you provide better quality of service.   This eliminates a lot of explanations, repeat calls and justifying yourself.   You actually spend more time accepting compliments and creating opportunities!

When I was an Assistant Soccer Coach, our Head Coach used to always tell the players to go slow to go fast.   It was amazing to see the young ladies excel at their game when they took this advice.  I admit, at first, I was skeptical.  As I watched the team slow down, we played better, scored more goals and won more games.

The question I always ask is “Are you happier with rushing thru it all or taking care of fewer things better?”   Think about that for a moment.   Going slow to go faster actually works.

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