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Do you ever get the feeling you are are missing out?  This is actually coined as FOMO – the fear of missing out.

As leaders, we want to be part of everything.  We want to be involved and we want to be everywhere.  We need to remember it is good to empower your Team.   Let your Team play a role in all these good things, instead of it just being you.   This helps your team grow and helps your leadership grow.

This is part of learning how to say no and how to say no more often.  How many invitations do you receive to attend an event?  To speak at an event?  To support a cause?  To attend a meeting?  Most days the number of requests are overwhelming to say the least and as much as we want to do it all, the fact is we simply cannot.

One of the challenges is that most of the invitations are for good stuff!  So what does a leader do?  Choose the ones that are a priority and the ones where you can make an impact.   For the rest, delegate.  Say No.  The difficult part is to let go.  Reduce the stress of worrying why you are missing out and focus on the tasks at hand to keep moving forward.

Do you suffer from FOMO?

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