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Are you finding some days go by too fast and you are just overwhelmed with the number of things you feel you need to do?   What good habits have you formed to help?

One habit is to avoid procrastination and just do it or at least have a plan to complete it.   Use your own version of the “ten second rule”, focus on what need to be done and execute your decision to deal with it.

Dealing with things right away instead of stewing, filing, refiling, thinking and re-thinking about it help save you a lot of time.   Take care of it now, not later.  Go ahead and try it.

Another habit is to let go of things you do not need to do.   This could be a very difficult thing to embrace.   Take a good look at what you are handling and ask “can someone else take care of this?”  Delegate things with direction if necessary.

Make a list of things you are no longer going to do and call it your “Do Not Do List”.   Reference it and update it by adding items not removing them!  Help others tackle the items and watch them grow.   Go ahead, just let go of some of the stuff you do not need to do.

The third habit is learn to say no.  This one is very difficult and I’m still working on this one.   By saying no, you may feel bad you are letting the other person down and that may be true, however, only you can decide if it is something you want to add to your plate.   How full is your plate?   Exactly so why do we keep adding to it?

You can gracefully say no, offer a suggestion to help, offer a person or resource to help.   There are many alternatives.   Don’t say no just to say no.   Have a reason and a purpose of what you say yes to and say no to the other things that do not fit your core values, your purpose and your focus.

I have a balance of work, leisure, family and volunteer where sometimes it does get out of balance and forming these three habits help bring it back into balance.

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