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Always my favourite thing is my list of to do tasks.  Do you have lists that you create every day and check off items as you complete them?  I am known for my lists.  Everything goes on a list in either First In First Out (FIFO) sequence or in order of priority depending on the nature of the item.

I have a daily list, a list to do at home, on the weekend and a personal list.  Lists help you stay on track of what to do next instead of procrastinating.  For others without any lists, give it a try and see what a difference it will make.   It’s a very helpful time-saving technique that will actually surprise you.


When you have a schedule, such as blogging once a week, it helps keep you focused.  Every Wednesday morning, the Building Circles blog is published.  What this means is during the week, I look for topics to share with my followers.  Sharing the same topics and updating them, such as this one, helps to keep hot topics relevant and top of mind for the readers.

Being committed to an activity such as a Blog will help you stay focused and more aware of what is going on around you.  I do admit most Tuesday nights are spent focusing on the morning’ blog!  This one was being updated while enjoying my last day in the sun on vacation.

Your Team

One of the most important factors to being focused is your team.  Your team supports you, supports your organization and they work well together.  I am very fortunate to have my business partners and the AlphaKORians’ support and dedication.

They are the ones who help me stay motivated and who help me stay focused each and every day.  Your team helps you continue to grow while they continue to grow.    They are there throughout all the great stuff and the challenges all the while becoming a stronger team.

Your Goals and Your Business plans

Writing down your goals for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and longer provide you with a target to reach for.  Making your business plan is also an effective way to keep you focused.  It is important to visit your goals and business plans on a regular basis.

They need to be updated frequently and you must be prepared to adjust your efforts to achieve and surpass them.

We are all accountable to someone after all.  Your manager, your business partners, your co-workers and if you have a board of directors.  These stakeholders will help you keep you focused.  You need to ensure you understand their mandate and provide them with updates on what you are doing.

Listen to your stakeholders and fully understand their expectations . Provide them feedback to ensure they are also on track for what you are required to focus on.  You can include your clients as stakeholders.   They are the ones you ultimately serve as an end result of all you and your team do.

What things keep you focused?


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