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This week I’d like to share my favourite ways of connecting people.   Thanks to so many supporters and for labelling me “The Connector”.  This blog is dedicated to you!

Connecting in person.   This is the best way to connect two people I know to each other.   You can share a bit about each person and add why it would be good for them to stay in touch.  This is called triad relationship building.  Introduce two people, start the conversation and walk away to connect others.

Connecting via LinkedIn.  The nice thing about LinkedIn is you can see the other person’ profile.  Most profiles include work experience, groups they belong to and what circles they are in.  Some include their interests, groups they belong to and accolades.   This provides a good way to start the dialogue when being introduced this way.

Connecting via e-mail.  This is similar to LinkedIn without the added bonus of looking at the other person’ profile.   It is good practice to Reply All, thank the person making the introduction and say hello to the other person.   Another good practice is for the two people being connected to continue the conversation without the person who made the introduction.   Later, they can go back and thank that person for making the introductions!

Connecting via Referral.  Many times during business discussions with clients and prospects, an introduction would be ideal to introduce a resource that can help.  Creating immediate business opportunities for your Circle is a great way to be seen as the expert on the subject matter.   Knowing the answers and knowing who has the answers you do not have outside your scope strengthens the relationship with your clients and builds a good foundation for the prospect you are converting to a client.

Connecting via Social Media.   This is a fun way to make new connections!  Following others on your social media channels, liking their posts, retweeting, commenting and joining the conversation helps with your current connections and creates many new connections.  Start your own groups and invite your followers to join them.  It is a long process so be patient.

How are you connecting with others?

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