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Do you actually “unplug” from work while on vacation?

I admit this is one of my self-induced weaknesses. I do not even bother with the “out of office” automatic reply to e-mails. The main reason is I want to know what is going on and I want to respond or delegate while away.

My reasoning: it is easier to take care of things instead of them piling up to address when I get back. Another reason is many will call my cell or text me with “I know you are on vacation, but can you ….” when they used to receive the out of office response.

One of the things I have improved on is being more disciplined when checking messages while on vacation. Of course, first thing in the morning is still a habit when away. Then I look at messages mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a few sneak peaks in between!

Turning it off and relaxing is very important and should be the priority while on vacation. I don’t let my desire to stay in touch interfere with the family and leisure time. Access to Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere so it is always tempting to stay connected. I tend to turn off my cellphone when actually travelling and maintain the same principle of checking at certain times during the day.

Being in the moment, relaxing and refreshing needs to happen. It is healthy and it rejuvenates you when you get back to the pace of business. I have found the right balance that works for me to unplug while on vacation.

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