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This is always a hot topic when discussing business with other professionals.  Why do some Teams move forward together while other Teams seem stagnant?  I just cringe when someone answers a question about trying something different with “No, that won’t work, because we’ve always done it this way”.

Why are so many resistant to change?  Why do so many want to be complacent without even considering how to do it better?

Embrace change.  Accept change.  Make the changes you know you need to make.  Yes, there are processes and methods that work well and are proven over time.  The foundation can remain the same.  Your principles and core values can remain the same.  It’s how you adapt to the ever-changing environment around you that makes the difference.

Remember when there was no Internet?  Yes, most of you do remember.  Remember when we asked you to think about a webpage and a domain name for your business way back in 1996?  Many were not ready to embrace this new digital world.  We even compared it to getting a fax number.  Back then, if you did not have a fax number you virtually did not exist as a business.

It is OK to be afraid of the unknown.  Seek knowledge, test the waters a bit and see how it affects you, your team, your business, your suppliers and your clients.  How does embracing change make you a better competitor and make you the “pioneer” leading your industry?

I know what you Building Circles followers are thinking.  Yes the phrase “We Always Do It This Way” is banned by the AlphaKORians along with those five words you know all about.

One of the constants we have accepted is change.  Did I forget mention it changes virtually ever hour in our sector?

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