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When you stop to think about it, what are you giving up for success?  I know it is all about finding the right balance, however, something has to give when you are achieving something great.

Give Up Your Time

There are no shortcuts to success and you must give up some of your time along the way.  The challenge is we do not necessarily know what to give up.  To be an expert or a master in a craft it takes about 10 000 hours of practice and focus to achieve this success.   This means you will give up spending time on other activities that bring no overall value to achieving your goals.

I somewhat agree with Grant Cardone’ thoughts:  “It is Okay to sacrifice fun today for freedom tomorrow”.   My view on this is it is Okay to sacrifice some fun today for success tomorrow.  We need to focus on what we want to achieve instead of procrastinating or investing time on other activities that do not support where we want to go and who we want to be.

Give Up Predictability

Each day brings an element of uncertainty.  This could be in a good way or in a challenging way.  The best part of being an entrepreneur is you have days where so many new and exciting things are thrown your way, it is an adventure that you embrace and welcome.

It is difficult to have a rigid schedule with no flexibility.   One of the constants is the unpredictability of your day.  You can make plans and have your task list, however, you will need the flexibility to change your plans on the fly.

Give Up Ease & Immediate Gratification

If you want an easy way out, then do not set your goals on being very successful.   It is not an simple journey.  It can be a self-rewarding and a very satisfying one.   Cutting corners and taking shortcuts do not work on this journey.   Take your time, focus and do the tough stuff you know you need to do to come out on top.

Never give up when it gets really tough.   Stop.   Reflect.  Redirect.   Execute your plan and ask for help along the way.   It is not easy and if it was, as the saying goes, everyone would be doing it.

Give Up Some Social Connections

This is a challenge for me as I continue to build my social network.  Your family and those around you also need you.   Do not forget where you came from and who helped you along the way.  You may reduce the frequency of socializing with some along and that is Okay.

Some relationships you make along the way you will find best to not pursue them.   You know the ones that are always negative and do not provide value to your mission to success.

Give Up Unhealthy Choices

Eat properly, physical activity, sleep and find balance for yourself and leisure time can seem impossible at times.   You need to be healthy.  Period.  Do your best effort to maintain as healthy as you can.  Remember this saying:   “Don’t sacrifice your health to achieve wealth only to spend your your wealth on your health.”

This week’s topic is inspired by Kacey Spencer from Cornerstone University:

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