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Do you have a “Not to do List?”

We have heard about making a to do list and making a top 3 or top 5 priority list as part of a daily routine. Creating a not to do list can be more challenging!

My top 3 items on my not to do list are:

1. (Do not) Repeat the same mistake

2. (Do not) Let the naysayers hold you back

3. (Do not) Conform to simply conform

Making mistakes.  Yes, we all make mistakes and the key is what do we learn from them? Understand it, acknowledge it and move forward with the power of knowledge you learned from the mistake.

Naysayers.  Does anyone have any naysayers they deal with?  You know the individuals who are skeptical about every new idea.  Take their “nay’s” and channel it to help move your idea forward. Sounds tough?  Well it’s supposed to be! Remember it is easy to say “no, it will not work” or my favourite “why bother to change things?”. (Remember the pendulum is always moving).

Conform.  This has always been a fun one to deal with.  Why do so many do things for the sake of doing things?  Rules are rules and they are to be respected, however, there are grey areas and rules are to be bent for the better good of everyone.  At times, one realizes rules are for “others” and do not apply at the situation at hand.

It took a long time to embrace the idea of the do not to do list. Stop and think about your list and would like to hear what’s on yours.

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