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What is your inspiration to do what you do?

For me, it is working with people to make a positive difference.   Listening to stories about what others want to accomplish is inspiring.  Hearing about the challenges or why they cannot do it motivates me nudge them to step up and overcome these obstacles.

Connecting people to help grow their network, their business and their impact is inspiring.  You never know where an introduction can lead to.   It is so exciting to hear about an introduction you made resulting in positive outcomes for the people you connected.

Volunteering as a mentor to help professionals and entrepreneur pursue their dreams and aspirations can be exhilarating.  We have so many dynamic people interested with ideas to help others.   It is great watching them take it from an idea to a successful endeavour affecting so many.

On the professional side, it is so inspiring to be a technology and innovation partner with so many organizations locally and abroad.   We work with so many companies seeking our expertise and resources to help them run a better business.  My Partners and the AlphaKORians are very inspiring for me in making a huge impact on so many and enabling me to strive to be an inspiring leader.


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