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Many of you have asked why I blog and comment on the weekly topics.   Thank you for the feedback and want to share an updated version of this topic with you.

Every Wednesday morning rolls around and it’s time to publish Building Circles blog.  So why do I blog?  When I reflect on the first Building Circles blogs, it makes me chuckle because I used to blog daily!   It was my way of sharing my thoughts which eventually evolved into a weekly topic.

The weekly blog helps me share and learn about different topics.  Each day I look and ask those around me for topics and ideas.  I also ask associates to consider being a guest blogger.  It is interesting to know what others are interested in and to see their point of view .

Some weeks, I build on someone else’s blog by sharing their idea and blending my own thoughts and experiences.  I include the link to the original blog to give credit to the author.

I enjoy receiving comments, receiving likes and messages on the topic I’ve blogged about. It makes me feel like I am making a difference when they share how it helped them.  It also makes me feel connected with the you, my supporters.   Some say thanks for the advice and for sharing the knowledge, some talk about the memories it brought back, others tell me they can relate and then share their experiences.

At a recent WindsorEssex Circle event, we had a discussion about blogging and Building Circles was mentioned.   Part of building an audience is consistency, relevant topics and no direct selling.   These were the comments made by the others as to why they enjoy the Wednesday morning blog.

I embrace the feedback, comments and suggestions.  Everyone is welcome to contribute and share their thoughts.  It is self-rewarding when someone takes away a nugget or two. Thank you for following my blog, for the inspiration and the support.

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