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As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your organization, employees, and clients. The world of work has changed drastically with the digital shift that occurred during the pandemic. More teams are working from home now more than ever, and while that offers organizations many benefits including health, safety, and reduced expenses, it also opens security vulnerabilities. The security of your IT infrastructure is important no matter the size of your organization. If your organization relies on the internet and stores company and/or client data on a computer- security should be your top priority! Leaders must continually assess how their IT strategy aligns with their business goals.

Luckily, managing your security does not have to be complex to be effective.

Remote Work Security Challenges

How has your team adapted to working remotely? Do they have access to all the organizational data they need? Can they collaborate with their team members anytime from any device? Are you struggling to ensure that your organization’s data is not breached?

Remote work is beneficial for teams in many ways, offering teams the ability to collaborate from any device, anywhere, at any time, and can help reduce an organization’s overhead costs. While remote work does offer both employees and employers many benefits, there are also increased security risks that must be addressed. Some common security challenges of remote work include:

  • Unsecured internet connections
  • Lack of antivirus software, anti-malware, and firewalls
  • Lack of control over corporate data
  • No multi-factor authentication in place
  • Lack of secure passwords

Without a cybersecurity strategy in place, these common security challenges could cost your organization’s data, time, money, and reputation if not addressed.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Your business goals and cybersecurity strategy are integral to your business’s growth and impact. Your IT infrastructure supports your business by providing the tools, technology, and security measures to help reach your business’s goals. A cybersecurity strategy works to align your business goals with your IT infrastructure so that your organization can focus on growth. Without a cybersecurity strategy, your organization could be at risk for cyber threats such as:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses
  • Phishing
  • DNS Tunneling

A successful cybersecurity strategy will:

  • Evaluate your existing IT infrastructure and business goals
  • Plan for the tools and technologies needed to optimize your infrastructure
  • Plan and implement strategies to detect, prevent, and eliminate cyber threats
  • Create a response team and plan for cyber threats
  • Ensure that all employees are educated on best cybersecurity practices, and more!

Not only does your organization need to have a cybersecurity strategy, but you must also work to keep it updated as your business grows.

Demystifying IT Security

Demystifying IT Security - Aligning your IT Strategy with your business goals

IT security does not have to be complicated! Many simple solutions will allow you as a business leader to:

  • Protect your workforce
  • Protect your applications, data, and endpoints
  • Fortify an increasingly digitized business to ensure every part of the ecosystem, from network to cloud, is safe
  • Ensure workloads are secured wherever they are running, 24/7

AlphaKOR and Cisco have teamed up to Demystify IT Security for business leaders. Join us, along with other business leaders on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, for a one-hour virtual event.

AlphaKOR’s President and CEO, Frank Abbruzzese, will be hosting the event, and Sina Radfar, a Cybersecurity Specialist at Cisco will be presenting simple solutions to common IT security challenges.

Demystifying IT Security is designed for you, the CEO, with takeaways for your business plan and strategy and is not a Technical discussion. For all the event details, visit our event page.

What are you doing to ensure your organization and team are staying safe from cybercrime? Comment and let us know.

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