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What are you doing to combat Cybersecurity?  At AlphaKOR, our Team works with you to educate everyone on some preventative measures to do and some things not to do.  This is a good article by Rick Miller:

computer.jpgThe advantage of having the power of technology at our fingertips has changed the way we see ourselves and our world. It has given us the most sophisticated knowledge base the world has ever known. It offers us immediacy, freedom, and adventure. On the flip side, it also exposes us daily to a world of crime, deception, and danger.

This leaves us faced with a number of questions: Where is the line? How do we utilize this incredible gift while protecting ourselves from the wolves outside our door? Do we rely on the government to protect us? Are corporations going to keep us safe? What can we do for ourselves?

Change often happens faster than humans can adapt. Chaos often replaces normalcy until the infrastructure that goes with change can be built. Today, we are in a transition period. A period where technology has more value than the user, and the user values the technology more than the risk associated with using it. The lines are blurred and will remain blurred until we begin to build a culture of security.

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