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Have you ever received an email out of the blue with an ambiguous link to be clicked? How about visiting a site and you instantly make a dash for the back button? Now take these instances and multiply them by however many employees are currently using your business’s network. All of the sudden a personal headache can become a dire situation for your business overnight. Your vital business information exposed to ransomware, malware, phishing attempts and every decision made by an employee can be a make or break moment. What can you do as a business owner to prevent this without interfering with your employee’s personal space?

Web Filtering and Email Filtering is a non-invasive way to set ground rules for the way online communication tools are used in your business. This service offered to our Managed Services clients creates the opportunity for your business to improve your cybersecurity and work productivity. Let’s go over each form of cybersecurity filtering in detail.

Email Filtering

What is Email Filtering?

Email filtering is the process of sorting inbound emails appropriately within the inbox and scanning outbound emails to ensure adherence to set company parameters. If you use an email provider that organizes your mail into “inbox”, “spam” or “promotions”, then you are using some form of email filtering on a personal account level.

What makes professional email filtering services different? Professional email filtering services have additional levels of security features, customizability, compatibility, support and outbound email customization.

How Does Email Filtering Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Professional email filtering services will have a robust catalog of anti-spam and anti-virus features to combat phishing, malware and data collection attempts. This is accomplished through:

Cybercriminals will continue to adapt their methods of obtaining your business information through email and free filtering services are going to leave your security perimeter exposed to breaches.

How Does Email Filtering Improve Your Productivity?

Professional email filtering services will boost employee productivity through two key changes. The first change is eliminating unwanted inbox clutter to ensure the right email never goes unnoticed. The second change is monitoring employee email use to ensure it is in line with company policy.

What email filtering service is right for me and my business? You know you have chosen the right email filtering service for your business when it is capable of running to your unique needs and is completely automated.

Web Filtering

What is Web Filtering?

Web filtering is the process of preventing your employees from accessing potentially dangerous or insecure sites. This goes beyond just blocking out inappropriate content as site visits can often be attributed to the source of a cybersecurity breach.

How Does Web Filtering Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Unfiltered employee web browsing exposes your business to malware, ransomware, viruses, phishing attempts and social engineering attacks. Implementing a professional web filtering service will eliminate insecure websites, illegal websites, unethical websites, streaming websites, online dating websites or various instant messaging websites. By removing these websites from the equation, businesses experience far fewer cybersecurity breaches.

How Does Web Filtering Improve Your Productivity?

It is human nature for employees to peruse personal websites during working hours. These websites include social media, shopping, personal email or any other website that is calling your employee’s attention. Research shows that eliminating access to these sites are the most effective way of improving online productivity. Furthermore, you refrain from creating a negative relationship dynamic by consistently invading your employee’s personal space.

Does this pick your brain on implementing new filtering services with your business? If you have questions on how filtering can improve your security and productivity, you can reach a cybersecurity expert here at AlphaKOR through the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand side of your screen or by completing our contact form.


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