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Last Friday we held our monthly Executek peer group.   Lead by our very own, Atif Malik, it was another good discussion including these topics.

Great Firewall of China

Transmit plans by Audio if possible

Speak with Government Officials for workaround or exception

Find out about leasing lines to access the international internet

Possibly partner with other vendors

 Project Management

Microsoft Project too in-depth and time consuming for basic IT use

MS Project too expensive

What is the threshold too transition from task based management to full out project management?

  • When administering a project becomes more time consuming than executing it

Wrike is good for IT project management

Slack is good for IT project management

Microsoft ToDo is another good app

Other Topics

Artificial Intelligence: Will be the focus at the Tech Show this November

Innovation: IT Professionals need to position technology and innovation at the core of their organization’s strategy

  • This presents challenges with influencing stakeholders
  • This can be easy or difficult depending on the organization’s perception of technology as a strategic tool

Competition: What happens to companies who don’t take advantage of technology

  • The dangers of being left behind due to competitors innovating before them
  • Some examples used were:
  • Blockbuster VS. Netflix
  • Everyone VS. Tesla
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