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Email continues to be one of the top threat mediums for cyber-attacks. As the primary communication method for business, email remains a security challenge for all organizations regardless of size or how the email platform is deployed. Email attacks are constantly evolving and are more pervasive than ever, forcing businesses to seriously evaluate their security posture. For those organizations migrating their email platforms from traditional on-premises deployments to the cloud, and exponentially expanded threat landscape demands a dynamic and effective email security solution.

With the majority of public and private companies using cloud-based email services, and remotely accessing their emails, means it is essential that organizations protect themselves from increasingly prevalent threats.

Due to email being such a prominent attack vector, email security requires a layered approach. Built-in email security just isn’t enough. Microsoft 365 provides basic email security, but its native controls can leave you and your organization susceptible to more advanced threats. To better secure your cloud email mailboxes, you’ll need additional protection to your email’s native security controls. In this article, we’ll share five tips for choosing cloud-based email security.

Be Cloud-Confident

Having the best defence for your email system is vital to keeping your people productive and your organization protected. But doing so can be time-consuming for your team given the increasingly complex landscape. More people work remotely on many devices and often use cloud email, which has opened up new vulnerabilities. Not to mention, attacks just keep getting more sophisticated. The good news is cloud-based email security can simplify and take much of that workload off your team’s plate so they can focus on more strategic security initiatives.

Cover Your Bases With Comprehensive Protection

Cybercriminals weaponize email in many ways, whether it’s to introduce malware into an organization’s systems, steal data, or extort money—to name just a few examples. So, you want to ensure that when you move to cloud email security, you have comprehensive, proven email protection you can rely on from a trusted, industry leader. You need capabilities that can quickly detect, block, and remediate advanced threats in incoming mail such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware, advanced malware, phishing, and spam. Not only that, it’s important to protect your brand and data in outgoing emails.

Secure Microsoft 365 Against Advanced Threats

Cloud-based email in particular has become a major target for attacks. Microsoft 365 provides a basic level of security but often it’s not enough—especially when it comes to ransomware and phishing. Microsoft 365 account takeover through credential phishing is one of the top three most common email threats. You need supplemental email security for Microsoft 365 that automatically stops advanced threats before they reach the user—and quickly mitigates the impact of breaches if they do occur—all without interrupting the regular delivery of messages

Power Email Security With Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence

To detect and prevent not just known but emerging email threats, your cloud email security must be backed by industry-leading, comprehensive threat intelligence that’s rapid and actionable. One of the largest and most trusted security research organizations, Cisco Talos continually scans the globe for new attacks, dangerous URLs, malware, and spoofs. Once a threat is discovered anywhere in the Cisco ecosystem, it’s instantly blocked everywhere.

Increase Visibility & Efficiency Across Your Security System 

Email security is just one part of the security infrastructure your team has to stay on top of. You want it to be easy to manage as part of your security big picture. And you want to expedite the time to detect threats across multiple components and enable a fast, synchronized response. That way your team not only saves time but gets more out of your cloud email security and the rest of your security portfolio—and all of your business functions are more secure.

Given the current, rapidly evolving email threat landscape, 62% of organizations are planning on reevaluating their email security controls, according to the ESG Whitepaper, “Closing Critical Gaps in Microsoft 365 Native Security Tools”. With no end in sight for phishing-based attacks, sender impersonation, and business email compromise, email security solutions must expand their scope to help organizations protect themselves from this expanding threat landscape.

All of this means you need a comprehensive approach to protect your email. Because threats are constantly evolving and are just one part of the cyber threat landscape, you need email security that’s backed by real-time threat intelligence and can easily work with your other security solutions to help you simplify and strengthen your overall security posture. At AlphaKOR we offer cloud-based email security solutions to help you meet those needs and more. Talk to our team today about finding the best email security solution for your business.

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