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This is a basic introduction to this topic and we will continue to share more with you in some of our upcoming blogs later this year.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is something that has an I.P address and can connect to a network to transfer data around.  It can be anything from a person with a heart monitor to a sensor on a car.  IoT really is just anything that has an on and off switch like cellphones, headphones, lamps and etc.

Internet of Things can do various things such as give a driver a warning if something dangerous is on the road.  An example of that is; if there is ice or snow on the road, the ‘smart cement’ will detect it and give a signal to the car which will tell the driver to slow down because of ice or snow on ground.  If the driver does not slow down, the car will automatically slow itself down to a safer speed.

Basically the Internet of Things is anything that is online, anything that can connect to the internet, and an IP address.  There have been different cases involving the Internet of Things, such as hacking into cameras or baby monitors.  Anything with security deals with Internet of Things.

The concept of Internet of Things is growing because there are many holes within stuff that have Wi-Fi capabilities.  Things from a Wi-Fi build in Barbie to a car can be hacked into easily because of Internet of Things.  So this is an uprising thing for security purposes. Cameras and phones are being hacked into due to so many missing security things on the cameras and phone.

Security is critical now mare than ever.   Talk to your Technology and Innovation Partner team member at AlphaKOR today on how to protect yourself.

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