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This week we share The AlphaKORians’ technical expertise in helping organizations keeping their businesses running securely.

Managing security and business risks can be a challenge when faced with evolving threats, the need to retain talent and a sprawling vendor landscape. Growing your business securely does not just involve adopting new security technologies to counter new threats.  Conventional wisdom implies that every new problem requires a new solution. Layering new technology onto every new threat actually makes you less secure as your processes get more complex and your tools more interdependent.

In other words, if you continue to seek the exact technology to solve your newest, most pressing security concern, you may be multiplying security gaps that slow you down instead of simplifying your security environment to accelerate detection and response.

MSP’s free up your resources

When you invest in a managed service provider (MSP), the resource consuming task of keeping the ever-changing cyber security environment secure will no longer deplete your workforce’s bandwidth. Once working with an MSP, enjoy the freedom to dedicate your resources to new projects to increase your return on investment.

MSP’s secure your company data

You will gain the added benefit of removing the heavy weight of keeping your sensitive data secure. No longer is it your team’s responsibility to stay up to date on the latest cyber security threats, testing new patches and implementing them across the network.

MSP’s evolve your network security

As an MSP, we are constantly battling unrelenting demands to keep your organization secure.  MSP’s are protecting a workforce that needs to access to applications and data on any device, anywhere, at any time.  MSP’s are fortifying an increasingly digitized business to ensure every part of the ecosystem, from network to cloud, is safe. They are ensuring workloads are secured wherever they are running, 24/7. They need your organization to make headlines for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, because at the end of the day they will be held accountable for their successes and failures.

MSP’s reduce security vulnerabilities

When you invest in a managed service provider, no longer will you be forced to use individual point solutions from an industry that is ever evolving, running your operations across dozens of tools and an array of consoles with inconsistent integration. Combined with unmet scores of patching and maintenance needs, inevitably leaves vulnerabilities in different point solutions across the security infrastructure. This will be old news thanks to the industry knowledge and experience your MSP will bring to your network security.

With disparate solutions and vendors, it seems an overwhelming program to maintain. However, a managed service provider can transform your infrastructure from a series of disjointed solutions into a fully integrated environment. They can connect the breadth of your security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure to establish coverage across every threat vector and access point all while evolving your organization’s security to meet the needs of tomorrow.  In doing so, it can free up and empower your team to support the overall success of your business.


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