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Does your site collect sensitive visitor information such as passwords, credit card information, or personal data? If so, be warned: by the end of January 2017, Google Chrome will begin marking sites without HTTPS as non-secure. Put another way; Chrome will now require HTTPS for sites that collect sensitive information. If you have not done so already, protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate and migrate to HTTPS.

Reel It Back – What Is HTTPS?
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) are both protocols, or languages, for passing information between web servers and clients. All you need to know is that HTTPS is a secure connection, whereas HTTP is unsecure. With a standard HTTP connection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to observe the conversation between your computing device and the site.

Google Is Requiring HTTPS for Secure Data in Chrome.  AlphaKOR can assist you with options to secure your website.   Call us at 519.944.6009 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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