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While remote work offers organizations and employees benefits, there are also many security challenges that IT Professionals now face. The massive digital shift to remote work required many organizations and IT professionals to rethink their cybersecurity strategies to ensure that their remote workforce and corporate data remained safe and secure. While new strategies and risks need to be assessed, managing your organization’s security does not have to be complex to be effective.

Common Cybersecurity Challenges for IT Professionals

As an IT professional, you’re constantly battling unrelenting demands to keep your organization secure. You’re protecting a workforce that needs to access applications and data on any device, anywhere, at any time. You’re fortifying an increasingly digitized business to ensure every part of the ecosystem, from network to cloud, is safe. You’re ensuring that workloads are secured wherever they’re running, 24/7. Not only can this be overwhelming, but it can also make for a complex security practice.

There is no question that cyber threat actors are well funded and constantly innovating.  Perennial challenges, like keeping an accurate inventory of users, applications, and devices, never go away. You try to empower teams to move fast, aware of the balancing act between accelerating success and ensuring the reliability of your security. Between new regulations, board mandates, static budgets, enabling a secure remote workforce, and the revolving door of security threats…the IT professional never rests.

To make matters worse, you’ve been forced to use individual point solutions from an industry that’s rife with incompatibility, running your operations across dozens of tools and a plethora of consoles with inconsistent integration. And this, combined with unmet scores of patching and maintenance needs, inevitably leaves vulnerabilities in different point solutions across the security infrastructure.

Keeping Your Cybersecurity Strategy Updated

There are several things that you, an IT professional, can do to keep your organization and team protected from cybercrime. It all starts with having a solid cybersecurity strategy in place that addresses remote work challenges and keeping it updated. In your cybersecurity strategy, you should evaluate the tools and technologies your organization has in place to determine if they can suit all your remote work needs.

With disparate solutions and vendors, it seems an insurmountable program to maintain. A security platform can transform your infrastructure from a series of disjointed solutions into a fully integrated environment. It can connect the breadth of your security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure to establish coverage across every threat vector and access point and evolve your organization’s security to meet the needs of tomorrow.

A platform can unify your security technologies to combine visibility and identify areas for automation, orchestration, and analytics. Simplicity, visibility, and efficiency translate into value – amounting to hundreds of hours of tangible time savings, responsiveness when every second counts, and have easier access to innovations to protect your future.

Demystifying IT Security for IT Professionals

Demystifying IT Security for IT Professionals

Managing your security doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. Join AlphaKOR and Cisco, along with other IT Professionals, on Thursday, March 25th for a FREE 1-hour webinar. We will discuss how to simplify and streamline your existing security practices.

Demystifying IT Security for IT Professionals is where you, an IT Professional, can learn more about tackling common IT security issues and challenges with simple solutions. This event is designed to empower you with simple tools and strategies to simplify your security practices.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
Location: Zoom

Reserve your free spot now by visiting our event page.

I will be hosting this event, along with Kevin Dubois, a Security Technical Solutions Specialist at Cisco, who will be delivering a presentation.

What are the common IT security challenges you face? Comment and let us know!

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