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You have a business to run. 

With our Remote Management and Monitoring solution you virtually eliminate the cost of downtime to your business.  If you are unable to process payments, complete projects, or have admin staff sitting idly by while tech diagnoses, troubleshoots, and fixes any given issue, your costs of downtime will skyrocket.

There are options; you can outsource all your IT needs or you can hire an IT Manager to assist in your daily operations.  IT Managers are critical in finding new technologies and helping your business adapt to new solutions.  Often times they can be bogged down with break/fix which leaves little time for forward thinking.  Even if your IT Manager is focused solely on break/fix, they can only work the hours they work.

AlphaKOR Group’s Remote Management and Monitoring solution provides assistance no matter which IT path you choose for your business.  Our tools are designed to monitor your network, your servers, and your security 24/7/365.

Once you have installed this service, you can choose to have all issues resolved by our staff, or have a comprehensive list sent directly to your IT Manager so they can make intelligent decisions on which issues to tackle first.

Fully managed RMM (remote management and monitoring) allows you to know to better budget your total IT cost, while virtually eliminating your cost of downtime.

Remote Management and Monitoring is available starting at just $3.00 a day.

After all, you have a business to run.

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