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No matter how big or small your company may be, investing in IT can be full of uncertainty and sometimes even a ‘scary’ prospect. If you have not already invested, you could potentially be missing out on important technology that can improve your business’ profitability and efficiency.

Often times the upfront costs can have us lose sight of the end-goal, but the business world has taught us that technology is the way of the present and the future. Here are a few things to think about if you’re looking to invest in IT.


Having your sense of security

Would you leave the front door to your businesses open after everyone has left for the night? Most likely not, so it doesn’t make sense to have your digital network open to the security risks either. Keeping your business secure is an incredibly important part of running a successful business. Every day there is a new company that is subjected to ransomware, a type of malicious software that blocks access to all systems and files until a sum of money is paid.

Just a small data breach can cause hours of downtime for the business, as well as a big cost of cleanup.

Today’s threat landscape demands an ever-evolving approach to your organization’s IT Security. Some of the ways your IT Deparment can keep you secure is through:

  1. Training your staff on detecting online scammers
  2. Having a good backup strategy
  3. Keeping your systems up-to-date with the latest security patches
  4. Creating a policy that prevents threats to your organization
  5. And MUCH more


You can’t afford to fall behind

Instead of viewing IT as a cost centre, view it as an innovation hub. New and exciting technology breakthroughs are happening almost every day, so it is important to stay on top of the market. For example, artificial intelligence is significantly impacting the way customers interact with company websites. Companies employing AI technology are able to use their resources with greater efficiency, and as AI investment and competition increases, costs are reduced.

You can run the risk of being outperformed by your competitors if you don’t keep ahead of the curve with information technology. Less time spent on manual tasks, efficient use of data, and improved internal/external communication are all benefits of investing in IT. The use of these innovative technologies will set you apart from the competitors and allow you to provide the Most Unexceptional possible service to your customers. Expectations from customers are only getting higher, so it is important to be up to date with the latest technology.


Time is Money

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Time is money”? Well, that is definitely true when it comes to IT. Most businesses are constantly looking for time in their day-to-day operations without cutting corners. In today’s business, it is essential that all departments within the company are working closely together. This involves having an IT system that meets all of the user’s needs and increases efficiencies. It is also important to note that IT is vital to operations. Lacking IT resources is the same as lacking the machinery or manpower needed to produce a product or service. A company simply cannot function without it.

Information technology can help save you time by taking the technology you already have and improving it.  You can accomplish this by getting the most out of your technology through creating an upgrade plan for your network infrastructure.  Some items to keep in mind are:

  1. Documenting the manufacturer’s lifespan for your hardware and software licenses
  2. Budgeting for a 3-5 year infrastructure upgrade
  3. Re-purposing existing hardware where possible



IT is just as important to your organization as Finance, Legal, HR and every other pillar that keeps your business running.  Leverage the expertise your IT Department so that you remain secure, stay current and competitive, and reduce costs.  If you don’t have the IT manpower in-house to lean on, consider discussing an IT Strategy with a provider such as AlphaKOR.

Take your security knowledge to the next level and learn 10 things your IT technician wants you to know. You can never be too safe in this digital era, and by acting proactively you can prevent emergency situations that would cost your company time and money.


Hi! My name is Claudia Kretschmann and I am a Customer Relations Specialist at AlphaKOR.  Helping people is very important to me and I love doing it everday. I am a recent graduate from the University of Windsor, completing a double major in Business and Computer science with a concentration in Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Being in the IT industry is fun and exciting, as every day is unique and different!


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