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One of my life long motivators to accomplish great things is the fear of failure.  Sometimes we do fail and at other times we need to fail so we can learn from it.  This helps leaders keep focused on being successful.  To accomplish these great things, we are positive and we are energetic.

Being Optimistic

What really moves me about this fear is the ability to think positive, to be optimistic and  focus on achieving the goals at hand.  This is not blind optimism.   You have to be reasonable when you are setting that bar high to ensure it is within reach.

Being optimistic is not just smiling and pretending all is wonderful and good.   It is your passion and your positive vibe you bring every time.  When you channel your energy  to move forward in a positive and confident way to overcome the obstacles along the way is being optimistic.

Create Your Own Destiny

The result of this motivation?

When we focus on being successful, we can create our own destiny.  It is easy to get frustrated when we hear all the “nay-sayers” around us.  Focusing our energy onto the positive side will help you stay on your path of success.  The person you see in the mirror is the only one you can hold accountable!

This destiny leads to achieving great things.  The positive feedback, the difference one can make and the feeling of successfully accomplishing something great are the motivation drivers to keep yourself going.

Accomplishing Great Things

What do you want to accomplish to make a difference?  We are facing this challenging time together by helping everyone we can along our journey.  The AlphaKORians’ are dedicated and focused into helping and playing a role for so many to accomplish great things.  We thank them for all they do!

Take time to reflect on your successes and where you want to go from here.   Set some big goals and some smaller goals.   Take them one at a time.  Make plans to successfully achieve them.  Keep leading your team with direction, support and positive recognition.    They will make you a better leader.   Being a better leader results in accomplishing more great things as you continue to grow.

Share your story on the great things you are accomplishing.

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