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There are many ways you can appreciate your Team.   I would like to again share three of them with you.

        1.  Say Thank You More Often

This may seem obvious and yet many employees have shared with their employers and others they wished their employers would thank them more.

As employers we can argue employees are thanked by getting paid to do their job, however, this is not good enough. Saying a genuine thank you and recognizing an employee for doing their job shows your appreciation as an employer.

2. Listen & Recognize Your Employees

Your employees see the business and daily tasks differently than the employer. Ask your employees what they think. Ask them what they recommend to improve and make things better.

Listen to them. Acknowledge their ideas and input. Employers may not always agree, however, seeing the employees’ perspectives and blending it with the employer’s perspective creates very positive results.

At our discussions, we say thank you to employees for specific accomplishments and achievements such as certifications, targets reached and client experiences. We also recognize milestones with awards for 5 years, 10 years and 20 years of service.

3.  Provide a Fun and Creative Environment

We spend a significant amount of time at the office and employers should consider the environment the employees work in. Is it confined, stuffy and no room for any enjoyment or leisure activities? Where do employees have lunch and where do they take a break?

We have created areas of very open space. There is a ping pong table for some leisure time when taking a break. We have meeting rooms that are relaxing and the “Unplugged Lounge” for interactive and creative discussions. There is a lot of outdoor green space for playing catch, throwing a football around and kicking a soccer ball.

As long as there is balance with work, leisure and creativity, this type of environment works very well.   Our employees have embraced and supported this environment and enjoy the “java” stations for many types of coffee or tea.

What are you doing to appreciate your employees?

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