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Sometimes you come across a speaker that motivates and inspires you and leaves you with some good nuggets to think about.   Last week, I enjoyed listening to Simon Sinek’s motivational presentation on being a leader thanks to a good friend who sent me the link.

Some of Simon’s highlights I jotted down on my list on being a better leader I’d like to share with you below.

Never sacrifice the people for the numbers.  Sacrifice the numbers for the people.  When people feel safe and protected, people trust their leader.  When people trust their leader, they follow their leader.

The first thing most leaders do to cut cost is let go of people as seen in many large corporation announcements.   The good news for our team, we have longevity and fortunately have not had to experience the challenge of cutting back.  We have embraced supporting our team, encouraging them to advance their skills and their career within the company.

Leadership is a choice.  Not a position. People may have to listen to a leader because the leader has authority over them, however, they may not follow the leader.  As the leader, is your team following you?  I liked Simon’ perspective on the role of leadership and how one becomes the leader.

Leaders look after the people.  It is all about the people and ensuring they are taken care of, supported and understand their role and value in the company.   The AlphaKORians are the brand of AlphaKOR and are the ones who take care of the client.

We call them leaders because they will choose to sacrifice for their people, so that they are safe, protected and their people may gain.  As a leader, it is easy to get caught up in the spotlight and the accolades.  Keeping yourself grounded and humbled is important.   It is each person on the team who is credited with all the success and awards.  Being the leader is acknowledging the people for believing in you and following you along the journey of success.

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