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It was a whirlwind of a week with 5 days celebrating Tech and Innovation last week!   On Monday night, AlphaKOR sponsored the Tech Awards at JP Wisers with DJ Adam rockin’ the house.   Congratulations to all the Finalists and Winners.

The Nerd Olympic winners were announced and congrats to Brave Controls – we are coming for you next year!   The AlphaKORians placed 3rd overall with a Gold in Foot Golf, a Bronze in Darts, Spirit Award for Lawn Bowling and participation point in the Community Challenge for the Humane Society.

Tech Week was filled with the opportunity to meet many in our industry, clients, prospects and many great community organizations.   Hats off to WEtech and the Chamber for their dedication, hard work and to the many volunteers, sponsors and supporters who made this week happen.

There is a lot of opportunity to collaborate, not only in our own community, but with Detroit as Windsor learned a lot about Detroit and the role Windsor plays in building both communities collectively.

Tech Talent, Tech Women and Tech Mobility brought many innovative and creative people who shared their ideas, their pitches and their innovations.  If you missed Tech Week, be sure to catch it next year and have some fun with the “nerdy” techs in our community.

It is exciting times to be in the local tech and innovation sector with so many good events, organizations, supporters and so many people who care to make a difference.

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