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Building Your Circles

Building Circles is really  Building Relationships both personally and professionally. Everyone builds relationships on a constant basis and they are built at different levels.

The two most important aspects for me are Honesty and Integrity.  Both of these values apply to each relationship, however, there are times when one person may not fully share their agenda.  This leads to the negotiation side of the business relationship.

Value And Respect

All relationships are valued and respected.  When an error is made or there is a misunderstanding, the strength of the relationship is weakened.  Sometimes it is for the moment or for a short time and in rare occasions it lingers until the relationship is severed.  We learn and we strive to improve with our experience.

Virtual Relationships

Creating relationships in the “virtual” world is very difficult.  Social Media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook along with e-mails do not have any emotions.  These virtual relationships exist and take on dynamics of their own!  Communication is most important on what you say and how you say it as clear and concise as you can.

Daily Connections

Building your circles daily with open discussions and creating win-win situations result in very strong, trusted relationships.  You can rely on each other for more than just the professional relationship and build a good personal relationship.  Sometimes it can be to share advice, either personal or business.  Other times it can be making an introduction to help others make new connections.

How are you building your circles?

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