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How do you manage your time to be more effective?

We have habits that fit our style.  Some are good, while others are not so good. How do you change and adapt to be more effective with your time?

First thing every morning it has become an embedded routine to review the long lists of tasks while creating a new to do list by prioritizing the most important task first. Having the discipline to complete task one and then move onto task two and so forth down the list is difficult because everything new becomes an instant priority.

That’s one of the bad habits that became a challenge to break. At first it felt so wrong, however, the results over the years have proven to be successful and better way to achieve better time management.

One of the keys to managing your time is to schedule your priorities and not to prioritize what is in your schedule.

Using the three D’s every time information is received has become a very good habit. For example, when looking in your Inbox, each e-mail is opened and you decide on one of three things: Delete, Do/Defer as in schedule this task or Delegate with clear direction and deadline.

Something you can try as effective tool is creating a Do Not Do List. Seems strange however reviewing this list helps to remain focus on the priority tasks.

What are your time management habits?

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