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How do you determine what is important?

Leaders set priorities on the important and difficult stuff instead of procrastinating or avoiding it.  It is too easy to say you are busy and cannot deal with it.  Embrace it and face it.   Not later.   Now!

Who gets to decide what is important?

You, the leader, gets to decide and determine what is important.  There are many who want to push their agenda as the most important.   The leader must look this and make a decision if it is important or not.  What if this is not addressed now?   What if this is not addressed later today/tomorrow?   What if this is never addressed?   Learn to weigh the information, the possible outcomes and make a decision.

As a leader, you need to focus and you need to have a discipline to steer your Team in the right direction.   You are the one who ensures the important items are prioritized, coach when necessary and follow up to confirm the important tasks have been take care of.

Reacting and over-reacting is a common strategy by some.   However, it is not the best strategy in the long run.  Keeping your emotions stable and thinking about the outcomes plays a more important role in accomplishing the important tasks well.

How do you move the important tasks forward?

Lead by example.   Communicate to your team what is important and what is required by them to achieve the overall goal.   Be firm to keep your team focused.

Remember it is all important.   It is up to you to lead and prioritize, focus and keep everyone on track.  Do not get caught up in the distractions, the nay-sayers and those that demand your focus elsewhere.

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