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This week, I thought we would revisit “The Pendulum Never Stops” topic.

In business and in life, you are either moving forward and growing or you are moving backwards and not growing. If the pendulum happens to stop moving, then it is over.

The pendulum must always be moving and preferably moving forward. Being mediocre and complacent is not an option.

What are you doing to keep the pendulum swinging forward?

What do you measure and define as successful growth? Is it number of employees, gross revenues or personal milestones? Whatever metric you use, it needs to keep moving in the same direction as your definition of growth.

In the technology sector, we face “legacy” revenue and we face brand-new revenue virtually on a daily basis. To survive and sustain growth year over year, we have to keep moving forward. What this means is we are continuously learning new technologies and challenging our processes all the time to make them better. We keep raising the bar to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Asking our clients where they want to take their business and adding new solutions keep us moving forward in the right direction. The AlphaKOR pendulum keeps swinging in the right direction thanks to our great team, clientele and community supporting us.

What are you doing to keep the pendulum moving?

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