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Task Lists

Most leaders have priority task lists.   However, do they have a “Do Not Do” list?  How are you handling everything that is demanded from you?  As you know, I make a new list every morning with some recurring priority items and new ones.

This list keeps growing as the day goes on while crossing off the ones that are completed with a check mark.  Check!

Do Not Do List

What goes on your “Do Not Do” list”?  It will change from time to time depending on your priorities and goals.   Here are some of the items on mine and welcome you to share your list.

Do Not Always Say Yes

This is the toughest one and wanted to share it first.  I enjoy helping others, taking the lead (well maybe control?) and taking care of everyone.  Always saying yes is unrealistic even with good intentions so knowing when and what to say no to makes the list.

It is Okay to say no.  Each day we receive numerous requests to support a cause, an event, donate a prize, speak at an engagement, volunteer and the requests go on and on.  I used to feel bad and guilty when saying no.   This is normal to feel this way.  It still is a bit of a struggle sometimes to say no, however, I say it, accept it and move forward.

Say you are sorry, send your regrets and if this is the case, let them know you have a prior commitment.  Do not go into a long-winded explanation/excuse as it may make the situation worse.

Do Not Go Through The Motions

Sometimes we just feel if we can go through the motions it will work out.  It usually does not!   Be prepared, do your homework, invest the necessary time to bring value and yourself to the moment.  If you feel you cannot, go back to the first item and just say sorry, I cannot do this”.

Yes there are times when we feel we are not at 110% and that is OK.   Your effort, you being in the moment and delivering your value the best that you can helps offset when we are only 95% prepared.

Do Not Compromise Core Values

Our core values are:  Integrity, Teamwork, Client Focus and Excellence.   If anyone or anything compromises one of these core values, the answer is “Do Not Do It”.

As yourself what your core values are.  If something seems to challenge your core values, review them, ask questions and if they are not in line then a decision needs to be made.  Do you compromise your core values?  The answer is no.  Move onto what supports your core values.

Do Not Give Away Yourself

What I mean by this is to not give up your leisure time and your personal commitments especially to loved ones.  There are so many demands all the time with deadlines and “emergencies” to deal with.  In most cases, all of this will be there waiting for your return.  We are fortunate, client-driven emergencies are handled by our dedicated team both during the day and after hours.

I am grateful for the support of my Partners and the AlphaKORians for all the time I spent with my daughters’ school events and sports.   This time with the family is cherished and it simply could have been focused on work instead.  Find the right balance to not give away yourself.

Do Not Let The Phone Consume You

Guilty!  Some days and nights are better than others by leaving the phone alone.  Why do many of us feel the need to look at the phone every few minutes, during dinner or even during conversations!  This goes against being present in the moment.

On the good days I feel I have kicked this habit a handle on it.   Then for some reason, other days I cannot stop looking at the phone.   Some is work-related and some is personal   There seems to be a constant urge to like, retweet and reply to everyone all the time.  Working on this one!

Do Not Procrastinate

This one is not usually a challenge as I am task-oriented with deadlines in place to help prioritize, schedule and finish on time.  Brian Tracy has a book called “Eat That Frog First” which is a good read and helps with dealing with procrastinating.

Do the biggest most difficult thing first (the frog) and the rest becomes easier.   Some like to do all the easy things first to lead up to the “frog”.  What is your style when dealing with this?

Do Not Hide

Just answer your phone, or reply to your e-mail, text and voicemail.   Why do so many hide?  If you do not have time at the moment, then just let the other person know and schedule a better time.  Communication is a key skill and with technology we have better tools and it makes it easier to hide behind them.

Step up, communicate and deal with the demand for your time head on!   I find it takes more effort to listen to voicemail then it is to answer the phone.  My number one pet peeve is ignoring the other person.   Many will say “yes, received your message”.   That does not help because they did not respond to let the other person know!

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about creating your own “Do No Do” list?  Do you agree or disagree with any above?   I always enjoy your comments, messages and feedback.

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