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Be Open Minded

It is not easy to always be open minded, however, we must always have an open mind.  Relying on just the past and doing things the same way will not necessarily result in future success.  Just because “we always did it that way” does not mean it is the best way.

Look at the constant change, the number of new requests and the fast pace of business.  Be open-minded to reacting to this change by adapting new ways of thinking and tweaking your current good habits.

Plunge Forward

Look at the facts first and make your own conclusion to plunge forward with the changes.  Often you will find yourself asking what was holding me back in the first place?

It is okay if you make mistakes along the way.  Always remember the more important thing is how you react to not being perfect.  You can revert back in most cases if plunging forward is not successful.

Let Go

This is a tough one and my favourite!  Anyone else a micro-manager and control freak?  Yes, I thought so.  Let go of being so rigid and be more flexible by letting go.  This is a good work in progress and happy to report this has been somewhat successful over the years.  Better at letting go some things than others.  Coaching and leading have taken over micro-managing.

Embrace Change

Change is good and healthy for businesses.  It sets apart those who are leading in their respective professions.  Accept change as a daily habit.

How are you embracing change?

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