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At what level are you empowering your team to take responsibility and to make decisions?

Successful managers coach and nurture their team.   They provide different levels of autonomy for members on their team.  Teams require a leader to manage the overall direction based on established goals and targets.  Great leaders learn to develop strategies and adjust them to reach these goals.  They step aside and encourage those who want to grow to step up.

We also have leaders who use empowerment as a tool for not managing. Managers who hide behind this philosophy are not leading their team.  This type of management style has no accountability when you leave the team alone to make all the decisions.  Finding the right balance between empowerment and how much to let go is the key here.

As the AlphaKORians continue to grow, the four Partners have empowered them and we have watched them step up.   Each team member is responsible and accountable in their respective areas while having the opportunity to step up and advance in their career.

To empower the team, set clear direction and motivate the team to achieve their goals by taking on the challenge of making some decisions along the way.  Without accountability to the team leader, most teams accomplish very little.

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