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How are you enjoying your Journey?

On the personal side:  Enjoying time with the Family and watching Haley and Sydney grow into young adults.  Carmela has been beside me, supporting me and even working together for the last several years.  We do our best to balance our personal time and turn off the business side at home.

We enjoy the time with extended family and friends as we get together and enjoy everyone’ company.  Volunteering in leisure activities such as managing Syd’ soccer team is a fun time watching the Team grow over the years and making friends with the parents.

Going to the gym and making slightly better food choices has made a big difference.  Very happy with the personal part of the journey!

On the Business side:  What makes AlphaKOR enjoyable is the partners, Ali, Mazen, Shawn and myself working together with the AlphaKORians who are so dedicated and committed.  Our loyal clientele who support us and provide feedback to keep striving for excellence make it an enjoyable journey.

Fulfilling the role of President has been very rewarding.  I cannot thank the partners, Carmela, the Team, our clients, family, friends and associates enough for all they do.

As we continue to invest in the company, our Team and in the community, we look forward to making a difference along our journey.

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